Bath Skyline series – race 3

A Bath Skyline race in the sunshine for once, but that didn’t mean that the course wasn’t still good and muddy. It was the A course for the second time and I really did intend not to walk any of the hills, but my body had other ideas and I took a couple of breathers, particularly in the woods or “technical section” as Tom likes to call it.

I was a little bit slower than the first time I tackled this course, but I did seem to spend more time going sideways this time instead of forwards, and a few times I skied down the slopes rather than making a controlled descent. My competitive streak did mean I sprint finished the last 15 or 20m as some club members were cheering on a team mate behind me and I just had to stay ahead and give him a more challenging target. I survived it and completed the interlocking medal set and it was all good training for the Bath Half.

I was 24th lady out of 175 women (434 total) and 19th in my age category (compared to 31st out of 148 women and 22nd in my age category over the same course in November)

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