Bath Skyline Series – race 4

An absolute mudfest for the fourth race of the Bath Skyline Series organised by Relish Running. The cat had demanded attention at 4 in the morning and it was tempting to get up and watch the ladies snowboarding semi finals, but I tried to ignore the sounds of the wind whistling down the chimney and rain lashing against the windows and snatch a couple more hours of dozing.

The Bath Half is in three weeks and I’ve got a slight niggle where I overstretched something at the back of my knee so the aim of the game was to get round the course without taking a tumble or doing myself an injury.

I think the half marathon training is starting to pay off as I didn’t stop and walk any sections this time (except in the woods where everything was single file and a mud slide) and in the final 500m managed to overtake 3 people (2 guys, 1 lady) and could have taken a couple more but it was still very slippery underfoot and I didn’t want to risk it. I finished in a slower time than the last time over the B course in December, but it was a slightly amended course and a heck of a lot muddier.

I finished 28th out of 170 ladies (and beat some of the men who started off ten minutes before us) and 20th in my age category.

I now have all of these lovely medals

Skyline Series medals

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