Being productive

Although I don’t go to work like many other people do, some 5 or more times in a week, I’ve been having a busy old week of my own.

So far I have: attempted to replace my bike’s inner tubes a total of 3 times; bought supplies for a party; had a sofa removed from the house (and then rearranged furniture again); moved a load of stuff around the house and generally tidied up; hand-dyed two skeins of sock yarn, and re-skeined them (one twice); set up a new website to record all of my yarn activities; researched setting up an online business; got a new record with 4 clubs (22 catches!); reconsidered getting laser eye surgery; watched an instructional diabolo DVD; picked up and relocated a hedgehog; lost my debit card then found it again in the pockets of my other trousers; done a full load of washing, hung it outside to dry and put it away all in the same day; cleaned some mould off the bath; talked to solicitors about trusts; explained same trusts to two family members (over 20 e-mails in one day); knit two baby hats in a day; went to the pub; hung a mirror…

It’s only Wednesday.

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