I may have worked out why my website has been blocked by work, and instead of the evil corporation it may be as I had hoped, that the website has hit a blacklist. I just got spam from mywebsite at Time to talk to my hosting provider…

In other news, I had a very interesting chat with my ex boss, and The Eater of Socks devoured another two needles.

Damn, just heard back from my hosting provider, they haven’t found anything odd with the site or e-mails, so it’s a coincidence and probably evil corporation doings.

2 thoughts on “Bingo

  1. Greg Harewood

    Hi Fak.

    Category: Adult Content
    Database version: 92989″

    This is from the WebSense database. I’ve put an appeal for recategorization for you. It should go through in a day or maybe two. WebSense is a proprietory database, but I think they are the market leader. Their DB is integrated into a lot of firewalls.


  2. fak Post author

    Ooh, cheers for this Greg, it hadn’t come up on any of my searches before. Maybe I’ll be able to bitch in real time again soon.

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