BoB’s back

Back in Bristol for the slightly delayed Bristol’s Other Bristol juggling convention. The weather for the drive down was wet and windy and one wiper blade has an annoying squeak. Managed to get there at about the time I was intending despite a bit of a diversion on the way to pick Ross up (maybe I should get a streetmap of Reading now that I’m driving around it – there are a lot of one-way roads).

Had a great time both playing and watching Wii games. I want one, but need a bigger living room for anything more than single player games (and it’s always better to play with company).

The convention itself was good. I did some juggling, some snakeboarding (a benefit of having a car – you can take more stuff). Played some games, saw people I hadn’t seen in a while (and some that I had). The games were a bit haphazard, even though we tried to take them over, but once you start gladiators that’s all anyone wants to play. Dinner at the Rajmoni again (still good) and back in time for the show. Some of the usual faces, some awesome Brazilian breakdancers, I really enjoyed the plate manipulation, shame the magic didn’t work onstage. Apex were good as usual, better than at Bristol (the original), whereas Vux didn’t connect with the audience as well at such a distance and height.

More Wii and games followed (until the early hours), along with more cat impressions and eating of chocolatey goodness. Sunday lunch was cooked in-house (thanks Ewan and all), then back to the uni for more juggling and hanging out. Eventually it was time to leave (boo) and the run back was the clearest I’ve had so far. Time to catch up on TV and upload photos:’s_fotos/BoB_2008/index.html

1 thought on “BoB’s back

  1. Greg Harewood

    Sounds Mega! 🙂

    Now – I need to know what Wii games you’re enjoying – especially the rapid start two player stuff. I got a couple of new games for Christmas and I’m going to get into them – I am! – but neither of them as as good for parties as Wii Sports.

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