Breakfast radio suggestions

Chris Moyles has finally annoyed me sufficiently that I can no longer enjoy a 10 minute lie-in after my alarm goes off. I am therefore looking for suggestions for a radio station to tune my alarm clock to. No adverts, but lively enough that it will keep me awake on those hard mornings. If they can broadcast news at sensible times (i.e. within 10 minutes of the hour/half-hour) that’d be good too.

2 thoughts on “Breakfast radio suggestions

  1. Jen

    I second the Radio 2 suggestion. Not sure what time you get up, but I always find Terry Wogan’s show to be quite amusing. Not as familiar with Sarah Kennedy’s choice of music, as I’m not up that early, but when I have caught the tail end of her show it’s been amusing enough. News, travel and weather all at sensible times.

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