Bridgwater 10k 2014

A nice flat 10k (there’s a reason they are called the Somerset levels) on a Sunday morning to see what sort of condition I am in for the Bristol 10k in 5 weeks (which I don’t expect to pb in due to congestion, but am hoping to break last year’s time of 49:09). Mostly on roads but in some places the roads gave way to tracks which then gave way (literally) to mud. A pb was most definitely not on due to the muddy sections, and I had to peel off my jacket in the first km as the lanes were protected from the gusting winds. I did make it through 10km in under 50 minutes though, it was just that the race distance was a bit further. I had a shoulder monkey for the final 4km, but he got away from me at the finish. It was good company to have and kept me pushing on, as did having a target to chase down. I ran mostly on feel, just looking at the GPS for distances.

Official results won’t be final for a couple of days, but I did get a lovely medal (and a banana).

Provisionally I was 89th out of 290 with a chip time of 50:17, and 4th in my age category. So a bit like a parkrun, just longer.

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