Bristol Energy Cooperative 2014 AGM

I have just got back from the Bristol Energy Coop’s 2014 AGM. As a member of the coop thanks to the most recent share issue I was entitled to attend and vote on the various resolutions such as appointing new directors, approving interest payments, accepting accounts etc. There wasn’t a massive turnout, but then I had got off my sick-sofa to go and it may be half term at the moment. A lot of the attendees seemed to be new subscribers or current and past directors.

It was interesting to hear about how current projects were progressing, and to hear about exciting new potential projects. I’m not sure what I was quite expecting, but a fair few stereotypes were confirmed. The meeting ran over and I’d not eaten before leaving, so I skipped the pub afterwards but may see if I can get to any of their monthly reading groups over in Stokes Croft.

I’ve just got notification that my psychology course result is in…

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