Bristolhalf – improvers – wk13d5

My longest run to date, managing a good 19.5km (or over 12 miles in old money) in the allotted two hours. I was back on the Avon trail, but with a diversion where they were working on the footpath which meant going up into the undulating woods (which my calves and hips weren’t too pleased about). Two gels and over a litre of water consumed, and four extra gates as I managed to get all the way out to Portavon marina. The Avon was very tempting to throw myself into to cool off, even though it was swollen with run-off from the fields, and I could have done with my long sleeves on as new plants have grown up whilst others have died back.

I was trying out my new orange Yurbud ironman headphones and they didn’t fall out. One got a little loose, but it was the left ear whereas normally the right is the one that falls out and annoys me. Everything falling in line for three weeks’ time.

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