Building Project 1 – Day 1

Day 1 of the first building project to be undertaken on this house (so far all that has been done is wall painting and picture hanging.

Building project 1 is the switch of the back door and the dining room window (a full length double glazed door having been custom made). Day 1 saw the removal of the dining room window and the breezeblocks that were used to originally brick up the old back door. The opening for the back door is being shunted sideways by about 4 inches (to get clearance and make everything look properly centered), and the lower level of building outwards was started. I would post photos but everything is taped up. Outside to weatherproof, inside to try and prevent as much dust spreading as possible (everything is already coated with dust). Tomorrow, the new lintel and more brick removal on one side and addition on the other side.

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