Building project 1 – Day 7

The weather was forecast to be dry today, so the plasterer called to arrange to finish off the rendering and plastering. Luckily my phone was on silent (it was 08:30) but unluckily for me I was already awake so was able to arrange for him to come round just after 09:00 (late for him). Plastering must lend itself to those of an OCD bent. There is much smoothing and resmoothing and washing and smoothing again. After several hours of all of this everything was done and I was able to move the furniture back into it’s original position, and get back at my books (who had been hidden away from the dust). A couple more things to move tomorrow (waiting for the plaster to go off), then it can all be left for six weeks until I can paint it. On to the second half of the project – blocking up the old back door (waiting on a new window as the old one won’t fit).


Once the curtain is up the mirror won’t look so wonky.

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