Building project 3 – stage 1

So far I have had the back door moved and a french door put in (building project one), to allow building project two (a new bathroom) to be completed.

Building project three is a new kitchen. One with a dishwasher and a fridge I don’t have to bend down to see into. Last night I talked through my plans (drawn up with the help of the Ikea kitchen planner and many nights of insomnia) with the guy who did my bathroom. He also does kitchens and has the advantage of living two doors down from me. His work on the bathroom was excellent. A couple of minor changes were made to the plan (the fake beams are staying) and all I am waiting for is his quote.

I spent this afternoon actually doing stuff towards the new kitchen. Instead of a cream coloured ceiling with black fake beams I now have a pure white ceiling with pure white fake beams (if they can’t be satisfactorily removed, they will just have to be camouflaged). It looks a little odd at the moment where pure white ceiling meets cream coloured walls, but the walls will be changing colour (probably to a brightish green to contrast the off-white units) so it will look better then.

I also transferred all of the empty boxes from the top of the current units to the loft. The new units will be just shy of scraping the ceiling so there won’t be any space for them there (and I’m not going to use up until space storing boxes).

It turns out that painting a ceiling and beams is a pretty goos workout for the upper body. I predict aching tomorrow, but it’s worth it.

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