Building project 4 – the big one

It’s been a couple of weeks since building project 3 (the kitchen) was finished, so time for building project 4. This is the big one. Scheduled to last 4 weeks the front and back gardens are being ripped out and everything is being started afresh.

At the front the wall is being knocked down and rebuilt (it’s bulging in a most unflattering way) and the gravel is being replaced with herringbone bricks (with a ramp for the wheelie bin).

The back garden is being decked from the back door out to the end of the current patio, with raised beds being built either side of the lawn. The shed is being replaced (the door of the current one doesn’t close as the walls have collapsed outwards) and a patio in herringbone brick is being built at the back (where all of the sun is). The wooden trellis which is falling apart will be replaced with some custom iron railings.



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