Bungay Balls Up

The Bungay Balls Up juggling convention in Suffolk has come and gone for another year. I usually volunteer for set-up and tear-down but couldn’t make it until Friday afternoon due to OU commitments (the final online tutorial before my philosophy exam) so was just working tear-down this year. Ten days of buttercups, games, juggling under drones, morning runs and study sessions, trips out to parkrun, Sunday roasts, watercolour painting, pancakes, spinning, yoga, reading, cat-bothering, washing up, and basically doing as much or as little as I want. A lovely sunny and windy day for tear-down (perfect for drying out damp carpet), with the opportunity to transfer to a smaller tent from the big bell tent before the rain came on Monday evening (which is currently drying over the banisters).

Some photos here: Bungay 2014

There were other people there, but I’m rubbish at taking pictures of them. Same time next year?

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