Bungay review the third

Third attempt at writing a review of Bungay.

I had a lot on my mind this Bungay (none of it good), so took advantage of the many opportunities to absent myself from the funnier/smarter/more talented/outgoing people with saunas, long walks, reading, listening to podcasts, knitting, washing up, watching kittens, and hiding in the tent feeling sorry for myself.

The weather was good (how British am I?) and I took some photos that I liked (including one that was joint winner of the photography competition – in your face, digital SLRs). Left my half-trophy behind – d’oh!

Back to what passes for the real world at the moment (sleeping in 4 different places over 5 nights and driving over 350 miles in 4 days with a dodgy shoulder).

In house news I have received copies of the guarantees for the damp-proofing that was carried out. Shame it doesn’t cover the area with the high damp readings. Presumably their survey report will come in some time this week and progress can finally be made. Some structure in my life would be nice about now. Too many uncertainties make for busy brains and worrying and I could really do with something to feel positive about.

1 thought on “Bungay review the third

  1. Charlie

    Monte says there’s some washing up to be done…

    Seriously though, have some major hero points for the amount of washing up you did!

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