Bungay review

Some random thoughts on Bungay:

Buttercups, croquet, fox spotting, backgammon cupcakes, knitting, sunburn, buttercups, reading, differentiating Grahams, “Don’t touch the table!”, long walks, kidnappings, more croquet, Shepherdess Pie, crow scarers, buttercups,  triple x, eye strain, “It’s all lovely”, not killing anyone, custard on the side, kite flying, Circus Ferrel,  Boo, banoffee, chopping wood, burning wood, hammock time, The Family Hull, “It’s all done with magnets”, mobile cubing, M25 queues, buttercups, soggy footwell, yarn shopping, porch collapse, cricket, buttercups, double dutch, volleyclub, scrambled Vs, longer walks, poker, needle breakage, crumble, Bungay’s Got Talent, buttercups.

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