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Lost knitting extravaganza

I now have all 6 seasons of Lost on DVD. I think I stopped watching sometime around season 4 but it is hard to be sure. I have decided that the best way to get through it all is at a gallop (or at least a canter). I am also trying to use up all of the 25g balls of yarn I got with The Art of Knitting that were supposed to be made into a throw. Instead of following the magazine’s designs I’m just going to make a giant basketweave blanket in blocks of colour. So, combining these I shall be watching a disc of Lost a day (Monday – Friday) and knitting the blanket during it (I got a head start on the knitting over the weekend). Other knitting will be done during non-Lost time.

Lace: a labour of love

90 minutes into my latest project and I have yet to cast on. 15 minutes winding the first 1,000 yards, 75 minutes untangling the final 200 yards which flew off the swift.

It’s a lovely yarn though, delicate and soft (a blend of cashmere, baby alpaca and silk). It should be worth it.

Gone shopping

Oops, I somehow managed to spend enough online at Get Knitted (a Bristol yarn shop) to qualify for free shipping. It’s only a couple of skeins of Cascade 220 (OK, two in two different colours – I’m thinking about working on some soakers), 6 skeins of Colinette Iona that was on sale, and a new cable needle for my KnitPicks Options set.

Hmm, must check on whether my Barbara Walker Treasuries have shipped yet (and order number 3 from somewhere else as the vendor didn’t have any after all).

Getting serious about knitting

For the last couple of days I have been idly thinking about pulling a pattern together for some socks (I knit a lot of socks, most from free patterns online).

Sock pattern devising is pretty much just chucking a stitch pattern at a standard sock construction, so it’s often not so much designing as just helping other people out who want to use a particular stitch pattern but don’t have the socky experience (so I wouldn’t be charging for a pattern I wrote up).

To that end I had a quick look through two of my knitting books for inspiration for a stitch pattern. Nothing particularly grabbed me so I’ve just made an “investment” in the Barbara Walker Treasuries – issues one through four. Hopefully this will force me to get up off my arse and do some writing (though any writing will be done whilst firmly sitting on my arse). I might even branch out into some lace patterns (which also tend to follow a formula).

Who knows, I might even “invest” in some charting software.