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I really don’t know why I bother

I left the house even earlier today to catch an early train in an attempt to get to work on time. I made it onto the 08:17 (scheduled to arrive into Paddington at 08:45, though curiously journeys in the other direction are timetabled to take 3 minutes less) and arrived into Paddington at 09:02. In to work late again, having to stay late again, annoyed with FirstGreatWestern again.

I finally got handed a new contract yesterday. It’s another one month contract. No increase in pay (though the salaries for permanent staff increase at 1 October). I am sorely tempted not to sign it and so avoid the aggravation of having to deal with FGW, but realistically I need the money.

It is looking increasingly less likely that I will be able to remote work with this firm, so I am starting to look for jobs locally, which includes getting in touch with ex-colleagues to see if their expat branch are still operating in that neck of the woods. If not then I am going to have to seriously research this whole freelancing malarky (though I am not keen on switching to an uncertain level of earnings – it makes planning hard and I like to plan).

In other news the cat is still pleased to have me back and has spent every night since my return sleeping on the pillow next to me. This does mean, however, that I am conveniently close when she wants a fuss at 3am (where do cats learn to headbutt?).

Light at the end of the tunnel?

The news has been very doom and gloom about the housing market over the last few days (particularly with the muppet Darling saying the economy is in its worst state for 60 years), and today brought new headlines about gazundering.

Hopefully, today’s announcement that stamp duty will only apply from £175,000 upwards will get the market moving. Sure my house is on for £179,950, but a realistic offer would be around the £175,000 mark (and is the lowest I am prepared to go, which is still £20,000 less than what I had to pay out on, grr).

Fingers crossed this gets viewings up (still not web listed – I will chase that up on Thursday if it’s still not there) and maybe an offer.

Oh, and anyone who tries gazundering me will get short shrift and their details posted on the web to warn other sellers of their underhand tactics. Hmm, maybe I’ll put a non-refundable deposit clause in.

First viewing

Yay, interest in my house already with the first viewing being tomorrow evening. Hmm, better do a bit of cleaning and tidying tonight. Not sure how the viewer found out about it since it’s not been listed on any websites yet, but it could be from the paper mailout or seeing the huge yellow sign in front of the house.

In other news, I’m out of Sock wars. I was waiting to find out just where I’d finished but the person overseeing it hasn’t updated anything since August 12th, so I’ll probably have forgotten about it by the time they do post an update.

I also now have one of the new passports. It’s rather chunky with its tag and I look a little cross-eyed in the picture but it does mean that I can skip out of the country whenever I like.

Had a super bank holiday weekend with much mooching about and lots of eating.

I’m also trying to kickstart the Passout organising again now that I can get on and sign things. Time is ticking on.

So, erm, yeah. That’s pretty much it.


ETA: make that 2 viewings tomorrow.


The credit crunch hurts. Having had the house valued in November for the divorce, the price has dropped from £195,000 to £180,000 (at best). Really paying the cost of the delays in the divorce going through (it should have been all over in March) since i had to pay a settlement on that £195,000 value. Luckily the local housing market is pretty bouyant and I am in a good location, plus where I am looking to buy has dropped in value by more than here. I should still be making a profit over the original purchase, but the difference over the settlement value is a very bitter pill to swallow (but swallow it I must and move on, literally). The housing market is going to take at least a couple of years to recover, so if I’m getting out, now is as good a time as any (you never know, there might be a lot of interest and I sell over the asking price).

Photos are being taken on Tuesday, so I have until then to get stuff tidied up, then it’s all go (HIP being ordered this afternoon for what it’s worth).