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Day 356/365

Cross country broke me at the weekend, yesterday everything hurt: calves, hamstrings, glutes, quads, back. I wasn’t sure how I would feel this morning, but I wasn’t too creaky so decided to go for a 10k and try and do it in around 50 minutes. It was a slow start, but I managed to hold on, telling myself to just keep going for the next km, then the next km. It was accompanied purely by music for a change as I am all caught up on my podcasts (including Welcome to Night Vale).

Day 354/365 – SW Athletics XC – Bicton

A long day for a relatively short run today, but it didn’t feel like it. I was out of the door by 08:30 to get the train up to the Downs for the 10:00 minibus out to Bicton in Devon. We arrived with plenty of time before the men’s race at 13:10 (the women were heading off at 13:40), so were able to walk a bit of the course and calm each other down before we cheered on the men as they started.

The men’s race hadn’t actually finished by the time we started, and they squeezed our start into a gap between two of the senior men. There were very little flat parts of this race, you were either going uphill or downhill, and often slightly sideways in the mud. I was towards the back at the start, but it was clear that a lot of people had gone off too hard and after the initial rush I was only passing people and not being passed myself.

Although it was less elevation that I would find at Ashton Court of a Saturday, it was often in short sharp bursts, and two of the hills (including the one to the finish line) were repeated three times, whilst the others were repeated twice. I was not last, and finished just ahead of Rosey and the club managed to win the senior races and team medals.

Day 353/365 – Ashton Court parkrun

It was the Xmas parkrun today, with a picnic afterwards, and we reprised the Bristol & West Xmas dinner that won the Christmas Cracker fancy dress competition a couple of weeks ago. I was under strict instructions not to run faster than 30 minutes by my coach as we have an important cross-country meet tomorrow. I was on target for just a little bit faster than that, but with 1.25km to go we had to stop and wait for a couple of our vegetables who had fallen behind a little. There was also another stop for a photo opportunity. One day closer to having a break.

I finished 246th out of 283 parkrunners, was 83rd lady and 11th in my age category. I am still just about in 2nd place in the points table, but will be volunteering at the next two, maybe three, Ashton Court parkruns so can expect to lose that position as I have already maxed out my volunteering points for the year.

Day 352/365

Yesterday I managed to hit exactly 3,000.0km run this year (according to Strava).

Screenshot 2015-12-18 00.40.46

I had to mess up this nice round number with a gentle recovery run along by the river, but it is all good (if a little creaky). There were even a couple of young cats begging for a fuss after I had finished.

Day 351/365 – Weston Prom 2015/16 series – race 4

I suspect that most serious athletes don’t spend the morning when they have a race in the evening schlepping around to and from train stations and spending an hour ice skating (including pushing people around on a plastic banana). A good job I am not a serious athlete then. I’d done all of my daily steps before I even got in the car to go to Weston for the 4th in the 2015/26 Prom series, so wasn’t expecting to be particularly fast. I managed to surprise myself with a pb though, mostly because Chris was just behind me at the final turn and we have a little competition between ourselves. I knew I couldn’t out-sprint him, so spent the last km or so gradually ramping up the pace to try and get myself enough of a lead that he couldn’t catch me (he came home around 10s after me).

A good race and a good curry in the pub afterwards. Lots of pbs from my running friends.

Day 350/365 – WISE runners

It’s another Prom run tomorrow, but I didn’t go to track on Monday so felt like I should do one session this week (especially since I haven’t done any of my gym classes). It was 4 sets of alternating between 800m and 400m, with 400m recovery between each effort and between each set (which was hard on the mind to keep track of).

Chris seemed pleased that I was running twice today, but ordered me to run parkrun no faster than 30 minutes on Saturday because of the cross country race on Sunday. I’ll be dressed as a Xmas pudding, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Day 350/365

Another day, another run around Eastville Park while I charged my car for free at Ikea (it has to get to Weston and back tomorrow). The rain had mostly stopped when I got there and I was also able to pick up a couple of things at Tesco. Taking things a little easy this week as there are two races to complete, but still doing track tonight (just not my usual lunchtime body pump class).

Day 348/365

I am looking after my nephew all day tomorrow, so took the opportunity to charge my car up at Ikea in preparation, while I ran around Eastville Park. A very busy week this week, so fitting in the mileage is going to be interesting and may require some early starts.