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So, it’s like that, is it?

Normally people bitch about you after you leave a job, it’s to be expected. The recently absent person is always blamed for things not being as they should be (whether it is their fault or not). After a few comments I’ve received today it seems like the bitching may start early. Just as well I’m getting out, then.

The internet gestapo strike again

Following the blocking of sites such as Youtube, Flickr and Livejournal (still accessible but all activity is supposedly monitored), my own little website has been completely blocked by work – can’t even look at it.

Rather entertainingly, whilst the majority of my colleagues do not know that I have resigned (the senior managers had a scheduled meeting on Thursday at which they were told), I got a text from my ex-boss on Friday morning from halfway up a mountain where he’s on holiday, offering me more money to go back. Something that will need thinking about, but my word, the grapevine works fast.

This weekend’s excursion was up to just north of Nottingham. I spent the weekend watching the rugby in the pub (I’m now not allowed to not watch since we won) and playing with the ferrets. Entertaining little creatures, but really stinky. I think I’ve got the smell out now. Back up to Nottingham again this weekend for a juggling convention. The miles are quickly stacking up.

I got the news I wanted before I left to drive up Friday night: all of the divorce papers are now with the courts so it’s a waiting game for trial dates.


Just checked my contract and instead of the usual 12 weeks, my notice period is 13 weeks, which would put it slap in the middle of Bungay. I may have to do a bit of reading up about what happens when you’ve already got holiday booked, but I may have to delay the resignation by a couple of weeks.

Update: checked all the HR policies and stuff, spoken to my partner and it’s been agreed that I can still have the holiday I’ve already booked for Bungay (since I’m entitled to it anyway), so yay. I can start the countdown to both leaving here and going to Bungay (a stunning combination). Throw in a divorce (fingers and toes crossed) and it could be a very good May.

Meetings with HR are fun*

Well, that was an experience. just back from my performance meeting with HR. Yes, I’m rubbish, here are some reasons why (some to do with me, some to do with others). I managed to avoid completely breaking down under questioning, and got some (in my opinion) good witty/dry comments in.

Most importantly, whilst saying that there are outside influences which may have affected my morale over the last 12 months, I managed to dismiss them as being a primary cause of any issues as well as not actually divulge them. So yay me! If they were that interested about my life outside of work then maybe they would have asked about it. As it is there’s nothing anyone at work could have done to reduce the stress of any of that and I did make the point that work stress far outweighed any other.

I also have a draft resignation letter pulled off the intermeweb for submitting tomorrow. 

Now to pull myself together and prepare for this afternoon’s job interview.

*This statement may not contain 100% truth

Extraordinary Measures

Marvellous. Just spoken to my performance manager again. It seems that I am being put into some sort of extraordinary measures following my “areas for development” grading back in December (which, remember, was a surprise to me since my feedback to that date hadn’t indicated anything out of the ordinary). I am due to get an e-mail tomorrow “inviting” me to a meeting with HR and A.N.Other. These meetings will continue for up to three months depending on whether I improve or not. As we all know, additional stress aids performance, so this should work well.

I was planning on resigning next Thursday (21st Feb) so that my recruiter would get the bonus for me not having resigned within the first 12 months, and then my last day would be 15th May, just in time for Bungay. I may just have to bring that timescale forward. I suppose I should be seen to be making an effort, but considering what else is going on in my life (divorce, family illnesses, etc.) I’m pretty sure work shouldn’t be causing me the greatest stress. There doesn’t seem to be much point in any event.

I’m going to have to resign on health grounds even if I can’t/don’t want to get a GP to sign me off with stress. I’ve somehow developed a tremor in my left hand that takes a good two to three hours to go away after leaving work, and it’s interferring with my knitting (and we can’t have that). I had wanted to resign saying that I was going to take a break following the divorce, but since that’s been delayed by two months it’s not an option either. I don’t know why I’m covering for them, I guess because I will have to work out my notice period and three months can be a looooong time.

Oh well. I know I’ll get blamed for everything as soon as I resign and once I leave, but that happens no matter how you leave.

Little victories

You’ve got to take the victories where you can. I managed a feedback session (which let’s face it, wasn’t going to be good) without getting all choked up. Yay. Of course, now I have to read what the feedback was in black and white, which is probably going to be a lot harder. Annoyingly I got picked up on getting into the office late. Thanks FirstGreatWestern. No matter what I do, I get in late. Getting to the station earlier just means that I get to stand on a freezing cold platform for longer whilst waiting for the delayed earlier trains. Today’s was on time, until it got to West Drayton and was then presumably used in some form of strongman contest due to the speed at which we proceeded. Entertainingly I was asked what would make me more interested in my work. Well, let me see, maybe more interesting work. Maybe having some staff members to delegate work to would be nice. Meh.

Met with my recruiter at lunchtime. All very nice and as you would expect. I can still turn the HR bullshit on when necessary. Just as well since I have an interview tomorrow morning (eep). At least I don’t really care whether I get it or not since I am more than willing to give this all up as a career and do something else. Anything else.

Bumped into some ex-colleagues on the way back to the office. One of them is also getting divorced so we swapped horror stories about that for a bit, and I let them into my current plans (not something my current colleagues are party to since they don’t give a shit). It appears that I may be subject to some sort of intervention by the people I sit near tomorrow. I’ve been invited out to lunch with them, which basically means I’m going to get grilled. I’d better get a store of tissues in. I wonder what you have to do to get signed off with stress by a GP?

Now, I just need to find another 20 hours a day in order to keep up with my workload. Anyone got some spare? Today’s work annoyance: two colleagues who each worked over 300 hours in January being congratulated for doing so (whilst a comment was made about other people not having enough chargeable hours). To me that’s appalling and a sign of horrendous under-staffing. Working on average over 10 hours every day (including weekends) is just not acceptable to me, but then I’m a fan of working to live, not living to work.

Edited to add: just read the written feedback and am rightly fuming again. Lots of inaccuracies and what particularly annoyed me was the reference to the day I had to work from home to get my car fixed, from this post. I told him as soon as I knew that I would have to work from home (Wednesday) and he’s now claiming that he didn’t know at all despite my reminders afterwards. I was being brought round to the idea of maybe having another go here, but really, what’s the point?


My word, things can move quickly with a bit of pressure.

So far I’ve spoken to two senior managers about past and future performance (and broken down both times, whatever happened to that British reserve, but at least one of them thinks I’m not rubbish and can turn things around, which is good to hear); I’ve also poked my solicitor again who was a little irked because they had responded to my earlier poke but the e-mail had never arrived and documents are probably being eaten by Royal Mail as I type; I’ve also got my sat-nav (within 12 hours of dispatch which means I can play with it this weekend).

The current fun with the divorce is that the Acknowlegdement of Service Form (which I know was received in December) hasn’t been signed and sent back, so nothing can progress with the Courts (which makes me incandescently mad) without me incurring more costs and filling out more forms. All balls are now back in their court (they have all documents they have requested and are ever likely to get and it is up to them to suggest a figure to drag from my pockets/cold dead hand). Of course, if he plans on starting a course at Cardiff uni in September then it’s in his best interest to continue living rent-free whilst still getting a big payout when it’s all finally done. Meanwhile my life is in limbo and house prices are tipped to fall.

Something I learned last night (other than I’m not so British that I won’t cry on public transport, I tried to hide it as best I could though) is that, chocolate aside, it’s bloody hard to comfort eat as a vegetarian. I managed some vegetarian sushi (actually regular sushi with the fish going to the cat since they didn’t have any veggie suschi left – I really wanted the wasabi) and a spinach and ricotta pizza, which is rubbish. No greasy chicken wings,  or a big fat steak. There’s obviously a market out there which needs exploiting.

Ach, bite me

So. Close. To. Resigning.

Just had an e-mail (copied to the partner for my unit) going on and on about why I hadn’t billed this or that, why there was so much time on x, y and z, why hadn’t the billing done that I’d said was going to be done, yadda yadda yadda. Basically, “you’re shit and I’m going to tell everyone that you’re shit”. Well, bite me.

Well, maybe it’s because I’ve been busy doing other things, maybe it’s because I’m doing it right now, and maybe it’s because the programme that pulls this information together has been down all week. Early departure for me today. 

Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines

It wasn’t enough to just have work related deadlines (home at 23:40 yesterday, but some of that was thanks for FirstGreatWestern and I still managed a remarkable 6 hours sleep), so I thought I’d throw some knitting deadlines in for good measure.

Knitting tired (and only during my commute and lunch break) is not the best way to meet these deadlines. Yesterday I made a mistake during my lunch knitting that took the entire journey home (and ten minutes waiting for the bath to fill) to spot and fix. Today, I started off wrong and took what was left of my lunch break to fix and spot it.

Ah well, with a “free” weekend coming up (apart from having to work on Saturday) I was supposed to clean/tidy the house and pack for Scotland. I think I might have to knit instead…

Edited to bank

New Slogan

I predict my catchphrase for the next ten days (that’s allowable in polite company, anyway) to be “Give me a chance”. Unless anyone has some way of manipulating time and possible space. Anyone? No? Oh well, back to being powered entirely by sugar.