Cheddar Gorge 10km – official results

The official results are in for the Cheddar Gorge 10km race on 18th August 2013 and my official time was 1hr 11mins 06secs and a finish position of 69th (dude) out of 112 finishers. This put me 12th in my age group (out of 30 who finished). The first place finisher made it round in 46mins 16secs and first in my age group came in at 55mins 22secs.

A lot of respect for everyone who finished the course (whatever distance they were running) and for those who won the marathon and half-marathon in times of 3hrs 29mins and 1hr 45mins 29secs respectively.

Full results for anyone interested in just how nasty the course was (times only listed for finishers) can be found here

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