Working full-time 5 days a week (with an hour’s drive each way) and evening activities at least twice a week means there’s not much time to do chores doing the week, so they can take over your weekend.

Yesterday I only managed one load of washing and picking up a failed delivery, but today it’s watering the plants, vacuuming and another load of washing.

My delivery was of my propogator, fibre pots, coir disc thingies and fruit&veg seeds to get started for this year. Today was planting tomatoes (moneymaker) – 12 seeds, 3 to a pot. February will see Aubergines being started up. March is peppers (both regular and chili) along with mixed lettuce. Leaving courgettes for April. Hopefully I’ll be able to get things moving nicely from indoors (propagator), to semi-indoors (greenhouse), to mostly outdoors (under cloches), to fully outdoors in some sort of orderly fashion.

I haven’t yet had time to set up the Wii I bought on Friday (I’ve been doing an emergency knitting project), but I might have some time to do that after juggling this evening.

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