Couch to 5k

Today I did workout 1 of week 1 of the Couch to 5k program (aka c25k). It involved alternating 90 seconds of walking and 60 seconds of jogging over 20 minutes (with a 5 minute walk at each end). I downloaded the free NHS podcasts to tell me when to walk and when to run (and have also downloaded a load of other podcasts who do this through changes in music tempo for if I get further along the program).

I used to be reasonably active. When I worked in London I would have to walk to and from the train station every day (about 15-20 minutes each way), as well as walking around the office (and shops after work). My days now are very sedentary, spent mostly sat on the sofa knitting.

I have never run for exercise, at least not since school (where I was a sprinter and a hurdler). I did start doing exercise DVDs at the beginning of the year, but after about 6 weeks I stopped as I didn’t feel it was doing me any real good (it certainly wasn’t giving me a decent cardio workout).

So to the c25k program. Workout 1 was harder than I expected (a sign of how out of shape I am and also that I need to work out what speed a “light jog” is), but I got through it all and wasn’t dead by the end of it. My next scheduled run is on Thursday, when it is supposed to be raining, and the one after that I will be at BJC for, so we shall see how I manage to maintain it (part of the reason for blogging about it and doing my running in public where I am less likely to cop out once I am there). I did manage to complete the sit up and push up challenges (but those I did in my own home, frequently in my pyjamas).

I also bought a pair of those wobbly shoes to try and work on core strength when I am just walking around. I am sceptical about those, but hey, new shoes!

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