CRAW – region 12 completed!

We are done! On 7th December 2021 team This Is The Way completed the 12 (and final original) region of the Circumpolar Race Around the World, travelling from the US/Mexico border across the North and South poles to return again to that border.

The region took a total of 34 days to cover the 2,057 miles, averaging 60.5 miles per day and I was third highest mileage of the team with 227.09 miles. At time of completion that puts me 210th for the region

So that is a total of 30,208 miles completed in a total of 471 days for a silver buckle. Of those miles I calculate that I ran and walked 4,230.05 of them.

Additional regions were added to fill in the map, but I am done and look forward to getting my final medals and buckle, and not having to have a browser window open all of the time to log my miles.

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