CRAW – region 8 completed!

Another short region, travelling across the Indian subcontinent, and with the late addition of a teammate’s husband (as we only started the region with 9 members) we finished the 1,661 miles in 24 days, starting on 6th June and finishing on 29th June.

Once again I logged the most miles for the team, but once my big race is out of the way this weekend that won’t be the case, so I enjoyed top spot with 255.4 miles, placing me 66th overall for the region (at time of writing). The team finished in 49th place.

That’s 8 of the 12 regions ticked off and over 20,451 of 30,204 miles covered. We are currently averaging 66.39 miles per day, putting our completion days at 455, well within the silver buckle target of 486 days.

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