Curtain twitching

OK, blind twitching (I don’t allow curtains to dress my windows).

Got out of a bath earlier (having watched Torchwood), and was about to settle down to listen to the cricket when I notice some flashing lights outside the front door. Rather early/late for Christmas lights, so I had a look out of the window. The road is blocked by two ambulances, and the flashing lights are the hazards on one of them. 40 minutes on there are still two ambulances purring outside the window, one is now facing the other way to earlier, it may be the same one, it may be a third. No police or other emergency services and they are the emergency ambulances not the ones they use to ferry people home. Most odd. I know if isn’t my immediate neighbours, it seems to be a few houses down. I do hope everyone’s alright and we’re not going to have Crimewatch round.

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