Customer Service

Customer service is an interesting thing. Today I waited in John Lewis for a total of half an hour in an attempt to get a stock check on an item I wanted to buy right then and there. The first time I waited around for ten minutes, trying to get the attention of one of the sales assistants, gave up and went to Curry’s for a price check. Happy that the price was the same, I went back to John Lewis as I value their customer service and quite wanted the extended warranty they were offering. I still couldn’t get the attention of a sales assistant, so after five minutes left my name with the red-sashed “customer service” lady. After 15 minutes of waiting and seeing people further down the list get attention, I gave up and went back to Curry’s. I was in there maybe 2 minutes, 90 seconds of which was queueing to pay: walk in, pick up box, get in queue, pay, leave.

Poor John Lewis, had they not ignored the scruff in the corner they wouldn’t have missed out on my £180 for a new PVR.

Yay, new toy. Took under 5 minutes to set up. Plugged it in, attached the cables, it autosearched for all of the channels and I was up and running.

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