Damn you, cancer!

I just received the following message via the Passout mailing list (reproduced in full, but removing Tudor’s mobile phone number):

I know many of you around the world know Aidan.
Please see the message below.

I suspect he would like you to juggle some complicated passing pattern for him!

I know you are on this list, Aidan, if you’re still checking your e-mail: We’re juggling for you!


———- Forwarded message ———-

Hi all

Sad news. Aidan’s brother Bernard has just phoned to say that Aidan has only a few days to live.
I went to see him on Tuesday and he was very weak but insisting that he did not wish to go into a hospice. Bernard and his mother, Maureen, are respecting his wish and he will stay at home.

Bernard asked me to pass on the news to the juggling community. I am just emailing those few people for whom I have email addresses; would you please let Aidan’s many friends around the world know.
Anyone is welcome to contact me for more information if they wish.


I’ve known Aidan for a number of years and he’s taught (or tried to teach) me many awesome juggling passing patterns over those years. I’m going to miss him a lot.

He set up a blog after his original cancer diagnosis. I don’t know if it will be updated at all, but it can be found here for the time being at least: http://eamonblunt.wordpress.com/

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