Dark and Long & Dare

The longest long run as part of my Bath Half training, two hours on the Bristol to Bath Railway path. I got rained, snowed, hailed on and bathed in sunshine and that was all in the first 10 minutes. I thought the Zombies, Run! app was fixed but it froze out again on me on both the outward and return journey (it also seems to have got confused, skipping a mission), so the run was disjointed due to having to keep restarting it.

I had to keep checking my speed, which is hopefully a good sign. I felt strong and fell just 2km shy of race distance in my two hours at what was supposed to be an easy pace. I took on gels at 45 and 90 minutes and had a protein recovery milkshake when I returned. It was also the furthest I had been out along the railway path, making it past Warmley for a change. It blitzed my Jantastic distance target of 16km. Lots of stretching throughout the rest of the day on the cards.

Dark and Long


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