Day 1 of new life of leisure/semi-retirement

Yesterday didn’t count as I was running around re-stocking the freezer, cleaning the house and driving up to Heathrow and back so today counts as the first day of my semi-retirement.
Got up late (but before midday – I really needed to catch up after a weekend of running around at Knit Nation and Bristol Harbour fest) and started work on a new knitting design. I am going to try and create and publish a new design each month as part of my taking-knitting-seriously thing. Some of the patterns will be free, some will try and earn me a bit of money for toys.
A good couple of hours looking through stitch dictionaries and some maths in my head. After a bit of swatching I took myself off to get some squared paper, charted everything out and had another swatch. I think it will all work out, I just have to find some time to actually make the whole thing in between all of my other knitting.

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