Day 108/365

I was volunteering at Ashton Court this week so headed out for a 5km before my duties. I was timekeeping today and mercifully don’t appear to have fucked it up as the back-up timing wasn’t working properly so it was all on me. A record number of times to click the button, with increasingly cold fingers. Then it was off to the run bristol 10k training session with Nick Anderson and James Thie. We did our stretches outside in the biting wind, but the majority of the session was indoors. I’ve never made it to the 10k training sessions before, but have done the half marathon sessions. It was interesting to see the difference between them. I was the only person running every day for a start. It was nice to get confirmation that I am doing the right things with my runs, I just might start sneaking some temp runs in as the race gets closer.

I consolidated my second place in the points table, finishing the year with 3,665 points.

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