Day 127/365 – Wrington Woodland

My first TACH race and if I’d known how hard it was going to be I probably wouldn’t have got as good a time as I did. Everything was aching from last night’s track session before I even started and we were eaten alive by midges at the start line. A lot of the path was muddy over uneven stones and a lot of time was spent looking down at where my feet were going. Lots of hills, which I walked up part of, and a bit of a spooky section where I was running through the woods on a very narrow path on my own as the sun was setting, with a downhill finish where there was a gate and fence to stop you.

Apparently I finished 53rd and was 8th lady which, along with other results, meant that I was part of the winning ladies team (but I’d already left to go home).

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