Day 170/365

Today was my last real chance to recce stage 2 of the Cotwold Way Relay before the race next Saturday. They weren’t ideal conditions for running in (hot and sunny) and not the best part of the day (the hottest part), but I figured if I survive that then it can’t be as bad come race day when I will be starting a lot earlier.

The Cotswold Way is pretty well marked along this section, and I only needed to refer to the map a couple of times – once to start, and then again in Winchcombe to see how far through it I had to run. The terrain was tough in places, and in those places I walked. There was also a bull to be wary of, a couple of ponies whose paddock you had to pass right through, and a lot of sheep.

The hills do pay off with alright views:

Cotwold Way view

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