Day 17/365

Saturday morning normally means parkrun, but I arrived at Ashton Court to find that parkrun had been cancelled. There had been low temperatures and snow overnight and the course was icy. Since the course goes up and then down a large hill on tarmac and gravel, it just wasn’t safe to send 300 people along it at full speed. I was already there and had my trail shoes on, so I struck off along the bridleways, sticking to muddy parts which I could see were not frozen. A couple of minutes in and big fat flakes of snow started to fall.

There were a lot of people running the parkrun course as a freedom run when I met back up with it, which gave me the appearance of being massively in the lead as I passed them on the return route. I stuck to the grass on the downhill sections, and then struck out across country back to the car, smashing through a frozen puddle in the process which nicely cleaned off my trail shoes ready for an off-road 10k tomorrow.

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