Day 18/365 – Skyline series race 3

Relish running had posted a picture of one of the puddles on the course the previous day, so I was half hoping that the race today would be cancelled, or the Southern loop would be dropped and we’d do two laps of the Nothern loop, but no everything was good to go.

I took the first couple of kms fairly fast while it was flat and firm underfoot as I was aware it wasn’t going to stay that way and soon we were barrelling downhill and then slowly walking back uphill. Just before the turning point for the first 5km loop there was a puddle that had to be waded through and the mud was above my knees. The photos from there should be epic.

The second loop wasn’t any better. I had put myself in the first wave so that the course would be the least cut up, but descending into the woods on wooden and muddy steps was hairy, then there was the clambering back up again, before a final blast home on the flat. I’m not sure whether I’ll brave race 4 along the same course, since it will only be a few weeks out from the Bath Half.

These were my shoes before:

2015-01-18 10.44.58

and afterwards:

2015-01-18 12.18.33

I’ll upload a picture of my race number (also muddy) and medal tomorrow when the results are published.

I have now completed the three medal set for the Skyline series:

UPDATE: From the results on 22nd January I finished 168th out of 722 runners, was 19th lady in my age category (out of 288) and 25th lady overall (out of 482).

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