Day 198/365 – Towpath mob match

I had been out late (for me) last night, so had a nap this afternoon and only woke/got up at 18:25. This was just enough time to get dressed, grab some ‘instant’ pasta, and head out on the bike, getting to the start line at 19:15 for a 19:30 start. I checked in, did a couple of stretches, posed for photos and then it was off to the start line. I kept myself about half way back in the pack as I was aware that a lot of the runners would be significantly faster than me and the towpath is not very wide. We started out in the park to thin the herd a little, then it was up onto the flyover, down the other side, and off along the towpath.

I was dragged along by the faster runners (the standard was pretty high since it was a mob match) and had Rosey behind me pushing me on up to the turnaround point at 5k. The second half was hard and I dropped Rosey a little, spending most of my time trying to keep up with the other runners and just holding on. I tried not to look at my watch for time/pace until I was up and over the flyover again. I saw that I was going to be close to my 10k pb, so tried to maintain my pace back through the park. I had nothing left for a sprint at the finish, but did manage to take over a minute off my 10k pb by maintaining my speed, coming over the line in 43:37. I may nap before races more often. Bristol and West won first lady, first (and second) man, and the overall mob match.

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