Day 211/365 – Purdown Pursuit

I cycled to the last of the TACH summer series of races, seeing as how they progressively got closer and closer to my house each time (and I’d managed to bag a parking space outside my house and didn’t want to lose it). I gave myself plenty of time to get there and so was there far too early with plenty of time to keep rearranging my number on my club vest.

The race itself was up and down and around Purdown, criss-crossing paths and featuring hazards such as: logs, steps, stiles, and a barbeque. Rosey and I were battling it out all of the way around, but I just managed to shake her off in the last mile, finishing 4th lady overall and 1st in my age category. This meant that I discovered that a bottle of wine will fit in a mini ‘O’ bag for a Brompton. I left the cans of cider I won as part of the winning ladies team (I don’t drink, but wine can be easily re-gifted).

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