Day 233/365 – The Living Daylights & Down Down

The human body is a curious thing. I was still aching this morning, though not as bad as yesterday, and thought that there was no way that I would hit my 8:23 minute/mile pace for the tempo/threshold 8-miler in the marathon plan. It was a creaky start, but after the first mile (which is a bit hilly getting to the railway path) I was on target and faster. I figured I would hold on as long as I could and could always drop the pace, but I managed to maintain it and it didn’t feel too bad. Of course it’s slower than the pace I would need to get a 1:45:00 at the Half in a few weeks, but I’m not really going for a pb in that one.

I got through two zombie missions, which were linked so it was nice to do them both at once: The Living Daylights and Down Down.

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