Day 235/365

Sunday is long run day and today was the furthest I have ever run. It was also lashing it down with rain so that I was completely drenched by the end of the first mile. The run was split up a little, with a short break at Ashton Court to see if anyone wanted to join me for a 10k (they didn’t) then a stop to use the facilities on the way back. The towpath was pretty much one big puddle, and when I eventually cut into the woods it was pretty muddy and slippery so I stuck to the roads on the way back to Ashton Court rather than cutting through the woods as planned.

Lots of other runners out in the downpour (well there is a half marathon in a few weeks as well as the marathon). There’s no point in being a fair weather runner – what happens if it’s raining on race day? After a while the rain means you can’t feel which bits of you are hurting anyway.

Really pleased to have kept to my target pace (actually a bit quicker, my target pace was 9:06 min/mile), which is one of the benefits of running alone as opposed to in a group (plus the stopping and starting, which kills you). It caps off a week where I have run just over 90km, almost 56 miles (the most I have done to date).

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