Day 245/365 – WISE runners

I either didn’t get this week’s email about what we were doing tonight, or deleted it without noticing, so was completely in the dark about tonight’s track session. It turned out to be 5x1km with 400m recovery (being put in the fastest of Chris’s three groups). Keith’s group was out on the roads, so we had the track to ourselves. Well apart from the temporary stands that were taking up lanes 2-5 on the home straight. At least I knew I wouldn’t get overtaken, but also that I would be last over the line each time (with two other groups, one running 900m and one 800m). I kept things consistent though, coming in at between 04:06 and 04:08 each time, which I am pleased with considering we got no breaks. As soon as we had completed the 400m ‘recovery’ lap, we were straight off on our next 1km. Apparently I am confusing Chris though, because I race faster than I run on the track, but that may be because I do rest a bit before races, whereas my track sessions happen in the evening after I’ve already had a busy day (and run at least 5km).

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