Day 247/365 – Hit Me Baby One More Time & Honey Honey

Another 8 mile tempo run, and strava tells me that I kept my heart rate in the ‘threshold’ zone for 92% of it (which is good, I think). I got through two Zombies, Run! missions to get me completely up to date: Hit Me Baby One More Time and Honey Honey, though I had finished my run and was walking for the last few minutes of Honey Honey. The website is still not registering the runs against the missions.

I went out in all animal print today, but with a bit of a twist: bright pink leopard print on top, with tiny flourescent yellow giraffe print booty shorts. I also used my 10k playlist to keep my pace high (some tracks you just can’t run slowly to). I did have to take a slight diversion around a hedge cutting machine towards the end, which took me into some twisty residential roads, but I found my way out in the end.

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