Day 249/365

My Garmin lied to me when it said it was charging all night, my older cable has a pin that is fully depressed so clearly it does not charge any more (I have a second cable). This meant that I knew when I got to Ashton Court (having run there) that I would not have enough battery power to record the run there and the run home. Luckily Geoff said I could snaffle his GPX file as we were going on the same run, so I used my vivofit to record my heart data for that section and then merged his file with my two (one there and one back) to create a complete run. I merged the files in textedit, cutting and pasting everything within the tracksegment section (indicated by ‘trkseg’ in angled brackets).

The plan was to do 16 miles at 9 minute mile pace. I managed to keep this pace up on my run to Ashton Court, had no idea how fast I was going on what turned into a 10 mile run (obviously), and then battled to keep as fast as possible on my return journey. I ran the return journey until the battery finally gave out on my Garmin, then walked the rest of the way home. I ended up cutting through Netham Park where someone gave me a kite, which was…nice?

So, longest run to date, but still not as far as a marathon. I have decided to treat myself with some more brightly coloured running gear 🙂 This was always going to be the longest mileage I have run in a week, so I gave myself a target on Strava of 95km. Smashed it with 106.5km (66 miles and some change).

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