Day 25/365

I had intended to go out on the 10+k run from Ashton Court today, but there was nobody to lead it so I went on the 10 miler instead. A few muddy patches, with some bonus holding on to the dog’s lead for dear life. I had taken a gel with me as I thought I might be 10 mileing, and that came in handy after a relentless hill. Back for tea in the cafe (I had forgotten my wallet but had my change purse) then home. At least it should have been home, but my car battery had run down on me. I have a battery charger at home, so the other half could have brought it to me but he was just about to start play in a poker tournament. I didn’t have my AA membership card on me (no wallet) but they found my details and got a van out to me in under 20 minutes. The battery got charged back up and I drove home, parking directly outside the house. At this point I remembered that my house key was in my running backpack and not the handbag I had brought with me. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but poker tournament, so I drove out, got the other half’s key and then finally got home and changed out of freezing cold and muddy shoes.

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