Day 255/365 – Ashton Court parkrun

Out to Ashton Court early (but not quite as early as I had planned) to get a couple of miles in before parkrun. I took the parkrun at what I thought was a steady/easy pace, though Chris wanted me to slow down when he saw me at the 1km mark. A lot of people volunteering instead of running today because of the half marathon tomorrow, but that’s not an option for a 365er. I still finished 4th lady though, just with different people in front of me, and came home in just under 24 minutes (which might have been a bit quick, but it felt OK).

I finished 53rd out of 267 parkrunners, was 4th lady and second in my age category. I am now up to 5th in the points table (but don’t know if I will be able to run next week as that is the Uphill to Wells relay).

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