Day 258/365

I have been committing the running sin of running my easy runs too quickly, but my new Garmin allows you to set a pace range and warns you when you are running outside of it (too fast or too slow). I put the remainder of my marathon plan onto the Garmin calendar and synced it across to my watch, with 30 secs/mile pace ranges around my target pace. Or rather I did this for every workout except the workout I had scheduled for today, an easy 6 miles, where I set the range too tight. It did work, in that it slowed me down, but I would have liked a little more flexibility.

The new watch is supposed to handle satellite dropouts better than the old one, so I made sure I got to and ran through the tunnel before they closed it for the day. I even sped up in the tunnel to try and confuse it. From what I can tell it managed to use the cadence data and the times I entered and popped out from the tunnel to give a more accurate picture of what was going on in there. I’m not a fan of the default workout screen though. It gives you your current pace (with the set range above it) and counts down your distance. I would like to see time elapsed too, so will have to see if there is any way to change that.

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