Day 259/365 – WISE runners

Back to the track again tonight, almost with bonus rugby players (the Georgia team has WISE as their training base). There was the threat of rain, but mercifully it held off for the session which was 2 sets of 4x600m with 200m recovery and a 600m recovery between sets. I was consistently either second or third (which became last once some other members of the group dropped down to 500m reps during the second set), and I was generally happy with my consistency.

I got some nice blue cadence dots for the efforts (plus a couple of purple ones) with an average cadence of 172 spm, getting close to that magic 180 – in fact all of my efforts were 180 spm or above. Good drop-offs in my heart rate once I finished an effort too (it’s a good marker of fitness how quickly your heart rate recovers to something close to ‘normal’).

All-in-all a good session. Legs didn’t feel tired from the weekend and I had a mindful session, thinking about my form (except on the last effort when I was just trying to go as fast as possible).

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