Day 267/365 – Weston Prom series 2015/16 – race 1

Today was an easy 5 miles in the training plan, but the Weston Prom was on, so the pace was a little bit quicker than that. An altered course to account for the queues at Dismaland meant that we were doing 3 laps rather than 2. It was quite congested at the start and I just ended up going with the flow. Eventually things spread out a bit and I was able to settle down into what felt like a good pace (it was dark, so I was relying on my mile times when they flashed up). Rosey had gone off like a rocket, so I didn’t think I would be able to catch her, but in the last three-quarters of a mile I first reeled in Chris, then saw Rosey just ahead. I had someone closing in on me, so put in a final effort to stay ahead of them and in the process managed to just overhaul Rosey with about 300m to go.

Good fun, if a bit blustery and I only just got across the line before the rain came.

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