Day 273/365

Today’s schedule got thrown a bit out of whack this morning when I got a call 15 minutes before I left for my Body Pump class that my nephew needed picking up from pre-school but his mother was in London and his father wasn’t picking up his phone. So I put on some proper trousers instead of the lycra I had been wearing and went out to get him. This meant I didn’t get my 5km run in until after he had been picked up (after many hours of playing with cars, playing football, and watching monster truck videos on youtube). I had to run it faster than intended so that I would have enough time to change my shirt and then head straight out to track, and did get stuck crossing a couple of roads.

I just about made it to track in time and it was 2 sets of 1,500m followed by a 400m recovery, then an 800m effort, with 300m recovery between the two sets. I was pretty happy with my times for the efforts given the fact that I had run reasonably hard then got straight into a car with no proper recovery (and no proper lunch).

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