Day 275/365 – You Win Again & Back In Black

Today was my longest tempo run to date, a 10-miler, and I ran it at faster than my target marathon pace, to see if I could. I didn’t get a London Marathon general ballot place, so it looks like the best bet to run in London (aside from getting a club place) is to run a good for age time elsewhere and get a guaranteed slot that way for future years. For my age grade that would mean running sub 3:45:00. I’m currently training on the basis of a 3:40:00 pace on the flat (but Bristol to Bath is not flat), so think that I could achieve that at somewhere like Manchester. I will wait until after Bristol to Bath in case I never want to run another marathon again, but the prices for Manchester don’t go up until the end of this month.

Two Zombies, Run! missions completed, and I managed to get them to run back-to-back without having to stop, so I am up-to-date with missions having knocked off You Win Again and Back In Black.

I also tried out a Lululemon pace setter skirt over a pair of Under Armour compression shorts, to see how they felt over the distance. I like the skirt for all of the pockets which I can stash gels in, but the built in shorts are a little too short so need something else to prevent chafing. It was a little tight where the integral shorts rode up a bit, I might try the compression shorts underneath a different pair of shorts.

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