Day 276/365 – Ashton Court parkrun, and a bit

I cycled to Ashton Court this morning, getting there in time to run a quick loop of the deer park before diving into parkrun (got to get the marathon mileage in). I did it all as one run on my watch, so had no idea of my time when I crossed the line. I had been trying to keep Becci in my sights as she was 2 points behind me in the points table, so I needed to keep either just behind her or with no more than one person between us. I was passed by another lady with about 1km to go and stayed on her tail, but couldn’t quite overhaul her.

I finished 53rd out of 372 parkrunners, was 3rd lady, first in my age category and got a massive pb with a time of 22:02. That ties me in second place with Becci in the points table (though I am listed as third, probably because my surname is alphabetically below hers), but she isn’t running next week and I am volunteering.

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